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Here's what you can expect from the entirety of Diablo 4's campaign.


The Diablo 4 campaign takes you all over the world of Sanctuary. From snow-capped mountains and rolling fields, to fetid marshlands and endless sand dunes, you're bound to face threats and earn more rewards. Still, you might be wondering what else you can expect from this entire journey. Here's our guide on how long it takes to beat Diablo 4, as well as details on campaign acts, quests, and characters. Likewise, please be reminded that this article contains spoilers.

How Long To Beat Diablo 4

On the question of how long it takes to beat Diablo 4, look to our Diablo 4 official review, written by Alessandro Barbosa. Alessandro notes that the campaign took roughly 30 hours to complete while maining a Necromancer. Additional activities were also completed, such as side quests and dungeons, to experience a chunk of what the game world has to offer. For those looking to beat it faster, others on staff were able to rush through the campaign in less than 15 hours. Of course, these totals don't account for endgame content, which is the main attraction for many players and will likely add dozens more hours to any player's total experience.

A second estimate is from, well, yours truly. I've been assigned to write Diablo 4 guides since the early access beta, which meant having a lot of screenshots. While playing in bursts, I simply took note of when I took a screenshot as an act just started, and when it was concluded. Do take note that I was primarily focused on mainlining story missions, though I did complete a few side quests and a couple of dungeons as well. And, yes, I also mained a Necro this time around. Here's a rough breakdown:

  • Act 1: One and a half hours - I was already familiar with how this went owing to playtime from the beta.
  • Act 2: Two and a half hours - It's a fairly decent romp in the northern portion of the map.
  • Act 3: Three hours - There's a segment here that felt like it dragged on forever.
  • Act 4: 20 minutes - This is not a joke. We'll explain more in a while.
  • Act 5: Four and a half hours - You'll need to visit a couple of regions for two main quest branches.
  • Act 6: One and a half hours - And that's the end of it.

All in all, it took me roughly 13 hours to beat Diablo 4, while focusing on story missions and a bit of extra grinding on the side. A lot of players will likely be able to clear the campaign faster, especially if they're raring to reach the endgame.

Diablo 4 Campaign Acts and Quests

Below, we've listed the Diablo 4 campaign acts and quests overview. You'll notice that some acts have branches. Essentially, there might be two main objectives that are available at the same time. You can do either of these in any order, though you still need to finish everything to reach the conclusion of the chapter.

Prologue: Wandering

  • Dusk on the Mountain
  • Darkness Within
  • A Hero's Return
  • A Hero's Reward
  • Prayers for Salvation
  • In Search of Answers
  • Rite of Passage
  • Missing Pieces

Act 1: A Cold and Iron Faith

  • Ill Tidings
  • Tarnished Luster
  • The Knight and the Magpie
  • Undertaking
  • Below
  • In Her Wake
  • Storming the Gates
  • The Cost of Knowledge
  • Branch 1: Light's Guidance
    • Kor Valar
    • Pilgrimage
    • Light's Judgment
    • Light's Protection
  • Branch 2 and conclusion: Wayward
    • Shroud of the Horadrim
    • Fledgling Scholar
    • Crossing Over
    • Descent
    • Light's Resolve

Act 2: The Knife Twists Again

  • Intro: An Unforeseen Visit
    • Dark Omens
  • Branch 1: Encroaching Shadows
    • Exhuming the Forgotten
    • Harrowed Lament
    • Apex of Misery
  • Branch 2: Feral Nature
    • The Path of Rage
    • Fangs of Corruption
  • Conclusion: Buried Secrets
    • In Ruins
    • Entombed Legacy
    • Shadow Over Cerrigar
    • As the World Burns

Act 3: The Making of Monsters

  • Intro: The Spreading Darkness
    • Branch 1: Whittling Sanity
    • Branch 2: Suffering Disquiet
  • A Moment to Collect
  • Brought Low
  • The City of Blood and Dust
  • Small Blessings
  • Whispers From the Past
  • Through the Dark Glass
  • Descent Into Flame
  • Loose Threads
  • Oasis of Memories
  • Flesh From Bone
  • Piercing the Veil

Act 4: A Gathering Storm

  • Prying the Eye
  • A Master's Touch
  • Lost Arts
  • A Meeting of the Minds
  • [Redacted] - Explained in the spoilers section
  • Eye of the Storm

Act 5: Secrets Bartered, Fates Sold

  • Intro: The Path Divided
  • Branch 1: Secrets of the Zakarum
    • Entombed Hatred
    • Swamp Hospitality
    • Witch of the Wastes
    • Encumbered Mind
    • The Cage of Grief
  • Branch 2: Tainted Flesh
    • Wrack & Ruin
    • Cold Blood
    • The Serpentine Path
    • Dirge of the Mire
    • The Slow, Beating Heart
    • A Cold and Lifeless Shore
    • Picking Through the Bones
    • Beneath the Wine-Dark Sea
    • Fragments of Mortality
  • Conclusion: On the Precipice
    • Knee-Deep in Filth
    • A Chorus of Voices

Act 6: Dance of the Makers

  • Evil Stirs in [Redacted]
  • The Jewel of the East
  • The Scouring of [Redacted]
  • The Walls Shake
  • Turning the Tide
  • Essence of [Redacted]
  • In Desolation's Wake
  • Light Extinguished
  • The Blind Eye
  • What Lies Ahead

Epilogue: From the Wound Spilled

  • Promises
  • A Heavy Burden
Lorath Nair plays a pivotal role in the story, but you do find him in the most unexpected places.
Lorath Nair plays a pivotal role in the story, but you do find him in the most unexpected places.

Diablo 4 story summary with spoilers

Ah, you're still here? We're glad you stuck around and listened. In any case, the redacted information above was mostly due to names and terms that were too on the nose. As such, we've opted to summarize Diablo 4's campaign and narrative beats here. We're not going to spoil everything, but we're going to add the necessary details to let you know how the journey plays out, why certain acts are so short, and more.

Prologue and Act 1 summary

A lot of players are already familiar with this given that Act 1 was available during the early access beta. Basically, your character, the Wanderer, drinks Lilith's blood and sees visions of the elusive demoness. This leads to encounters with Lorath Nair, Neyrelle, Mother Prava, Vigo, and Inarius, all taking place in the Fractured Peaks.

Lorath seeks to learn more about Lilith's plans, whereas Neyrelle wants to find her mother. Archangel Inarius, meanwhile, is worshiped in the Cathedral of Light, where Prava has become its human leader. As for Vigo, the penitent knight seeks to atone, sacrificing himself near the end of the act and rewarding you with one of the most useful Legendary Aspects in terms of survivability.

Act 2 summary

Your journey takes you to Scosglen in the north, which has rich Celtic themes for Druid lovers everywhere. You have to talk to Donan, and he'll ask you to investigate some strange incidents in the region. Both branches need to be completed, as each one leads to a miniboss encounter. Later, you'll have to salvage what's left of the town of Cerrigar.

Act 3 summary

There's a lot of walking and roaming around here as you make your way to the Dry Steppes and, eventually, Kehjistan. Here, you'll face Elias, Lilith's puppet, and you'll rescue Taissa, a witch who is supposed to be sacrificed. One particular segment here felt like it dragged on forever, as you had to cross Kehjistan's deserts while a sandstorm is raging. You also have to stop a few times just to chat with NPCs.

Act 4 summary

There's a reason why this is the shortest act in the Diablo 4 campaign. For one thing, you'll finally obtain a mount, which means no more running around aimlessly on the overworld map. Likewise, a few quick tasks will lead to a boss fight against the Maiden of Anguish, Andariel.

Act 5 summary

This is by far the longest act in the game. Most of this section takes place in the jungles, swamps, and coasts of Hawezar. The first branch sees you helping Donan and Taissa with their visions. The second branch, meanwhile, takes you on a trek through the region with Lorath and Neyrelle. Just when you thought you're done, you have to chase down and eliminate Elias.

Act 6 summary

The reason why we didn't want to spoil the quest names earlier is that you'll revisit a familiar place (assuming you played the previous game). This part takes you to Caldeum, which has been besieged by Inarius' forces. There's an all-out war as faithful zealots attempt to invade Lilith's hellish realm... and you'll go there, too, of course. Without spoiling too much, there's a part that's more akin to a "boss rush mode."

In the end, though, you'll have to defeat a worthy foe to conclude the Diablo 4 campaign. That's followed by a short epilogue, and the rest of the post-campaign activities will become available for you to try.

Diablo 4 has numerous classes, mechanics, and activities. For more about the game, you can visit our D4 guides hub.

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