How A Batman V. Superman Deleted Scene Hinted At Cyborg In Justice League

This is what deleted scenes are for.


Batman V. Superman was absolutely chock full of references, Easter eggs, and nods to the rest of the DC universe. There's one Justice League Easter egg in BvS, though, that's so subtle few people have noticed it.

It has to do with Cyborg's backstory. Cyborg--A.K.A. Victor Stone--was a star quarterback who suffered a terrible accident. His father, a scientist named Silas Stone, rebuilt him at S.T.A.R. Labs, turning him into Cyborg.

We caught a glimpse of that happening during Batman's investigation into Lex Luthor's meta human files in BvS. But it turns out there's an even more subtle nod to Cyborg's creation in one of the movie's deleted scenes, according to Ray Fisher, the actor who plays him.

He let the hint slip while comparing the experience of piecing together the clues and references from each DCEU movie to watching a TV series. "They don't give you everything at once," Fisher told GameSpot. "You watch the characters evolve, and you say, 'Oh wait, they did that because that! OK, and that happened because of this! Wait, remember from that other movie?'"

He continued: "Remember in Batman v. Superman, when Gotham City was losing 50 to nothing, and that was around the same time that Cyborg would have had his accident? He's the star quarterback, and that's when the team started losing?"

That's right: In the above deleted scene, during which two police officers watch a football game in their cruiser, Gotham City is apparently losing because their star quarterback--Victor Stone--is out of commission. It's something the movie never acknowledges openly, but the timing appears to work out, and it makes sense if you think about it.

"Those are the kinds of things people will be able to put together [in Justice League], which I think is pretty awesome," Fisher explained. "And Zack [Snyder] in particular, his vision for it--he has stories mapped out for days."

The scene in question has several other Easter eggs--the duo's designation, for example, is Delta-Charlie-27, i.e. DC and Detective Comics issue #27, which was Batman's debut. A player on the bench in the football game has the number "52" on his back, a reference to DC's 52 parallel worlds. And Officers Mazzucchelli and Rucka are named for comics creators David Mazzucchelli and Greg Rucka.

We'll get to learn a whole lot more about Cyborg when Justice League hits theaters this Friday, November 17. In the meantime, check out our Justice League review.

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