House of the Dead III ships

Sega announces that its macabre M-rated shooter is now in stores nationwide.


Sega of America has today shipped the Xbox-exclusive House of the Dead III to stores nationwide. The game, which is compatible with light-gun peripherals but can be played using a standard controller, sees players searching for a team of government agents who've disappeared while attempting to infiltrate a mysterious genetic research facility in the year 2019. Upon arriving at the facility, agents G and Lisa Rogan find it overrun with zombies and the like and, choosing one of the multiple routes through the game, decide to put their shotguns to good use.

House of the Dead III is available in stores now and comes with a preview trailer of the The House of the Dead 2864506movie . For more information, take a look at our previous coverage of the game. Expect a full review later this week.

$44.99 on Amazon

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