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Hot Toys Armored Batman 2.0 Figure Revealed, Ready To Beat Up Superman Again

This new Armored Batman collectible won't be an inaction figure.


Hot Toys is taking another run at Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and has debuted a retooled version of Ben Affleck's Batman when he donned an armored suit to take on the Man of Steel. This new version of the figure has several improvements on the previous two releases, as well as a hefty amount of diecast metal to make it feel even beefier.

Hot Toys Armored Batman 2.0
Hot Toys Armored Batman 2.0

The main upgrade on this figure is a new highly detailed body with enhanced articulation. The first Armored Batman figure was notorious for having the articulation of a brick, as all of the armor and thick padding made posing it a chore. The figure was also a nightmare to handle when you needed to swap out hands, as the tiny peg-joint frequently collided with the gauntlets. A second battle-damaged version did arrive a few years later, and while it did sport better articulation, it shared several of the original figure's problems.

With the new figure, the helmet, chest, shoulders, and boots are made out of diecast metal. The helmet also has LED light-up eyes and three interchangeable lower faces capturing Ben Affleck's facial expressions--including the face he pulls when you say "Martha"--improved paint application, and weathering effects on the armor. For accessories, there are alternative hands, a detailed grapple gun, and a grenade gun.

The deluxe version of this figure comes with interchangeable armor parts, with the big draw here being a battle-damaged armored head with separate rolling eyeballs, an LED light-up Kryptonite spear, and a diorama base to recreate a pivotal scene from the movie. The standard edition is priced at $300, while the deluxe version is $370. Both figures are expected to arrive between April and September of 2025.

Hot Toys also unveiled a Batman 2.0 figure a few months ago, featuring Affleck in his regular batsuit. This one has a completely redesigned body, a dramatically improved cowl, and a wired cape amongst several other improvements. Several other Batman figures are also available right now, showcasing the Dark Knight's other cinematic and video game incarnations.

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