Horror Game Corpse Party Coming to 3DS and PC

The physical edition for 3DS comes with customizable figurines and the soundtrack.


Anime horror game Corpse Party will make its way to the 3DS and PC this year. Nintendo's handheld will get a remaster of the 2011 PSP game, while the version you'll find on Steam will be localized from the original PC version, which has not been released outside of Japan.

Publisher XSEED announced that Corpse Party would hit 3DS this summer with two different editions. The digital edition will cost $30, while the physical "Back to School Edition" is set at $50 and includes figurines of characters Naomi Nakashima and Seiko Shinohara. It also comes with the soundtrack on CD that features three 3DS-exclusive tracks.

Pictured: 3DS version
Pictured: 3DS version

The 3DS version will feature redrawn character sprites, 3D art, and newly arranged music. Players will also be treated to four exclusive chapters that delve further into "lesser-shown characters" and previously unexplained plot elements.

The PC version will launch via Steam, GOG, and the Humble Store on April 25. It costs $15 and will feature the original art and voice-acting in addition to a fast-forward function and four bonus chapters--one of them retells the "Tooth" story from Corpse Party: Book of Shadows.

Pictured: PC version
Pictured: PC version

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