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Horizon Forbidden West Best Armor: How To Get Legendary Oseram Artificer Armor

One of the game's best armor sets can be yours at the conclusion of a lengthy questline.


Just like in the first game in the series, Horizon Forbidden West features some extra special armor that Aloy can dress in that will make her the most formidable version of herself. While we've already found several legendary weapons in Horizon Forbidden West, there are also several legendary armor sets, but the best of them is the Oseram Artificer armor. This armor set requires you finish a particular questline, one that you can begin very early in the game. Here's how to get the best armor in Horizon Forbidden West.

Horizon Forbidden West best legendary armor guide

Your path to the coveted Oseram Artificer armor begins just outside of Barren Light. You'll come across a salvage contractor who says he's seeking to make the world's best armor in order to win a competition. He'll give you a few salvage contracts that you can complete to complete his personal questline, but doing so is just the first phase of the longer trek to the Oseram Artificer armor as part of the Keruf's Salvage Unlimited quest.

Elsewhere in the world, there are more salvage contractors, and each of them is also entering the same competition. You'll need to fulfill each of their requests to help them all make their own armor sets. The contractors are located at the following camps:

  • Southwest of Barren Light
  • Northwest of Hidden Ember
  • East of Thornmarsh
  • Northeast of Scalding Spear
Aloy's good deeds will be justly rewarded in Forbidden West.
Aloy's good deeds will be justly rewarded in Forbidden West.

Once you've fulfilled the requests for all contractors, you'll be prompted to take on the final part of the Keruf's Salvage Unlimited questline. Consider this a light spoiler, but for reasons you'll see for yourself, the competing contractors will ultimately decide to band together and form one ultimate armor set using parts from each of their own creations. This Voltron-like armor will become known as the Oseram Artificer set, and it will then be gifted to Aloy for her help.

The Oseram Artificer armor is of legendary rarity and includes built-in buffs to Aloy's melee attacks, including her Resonator buildup, damage, and power attacks. With further upgrading, you can customize it with weaves and make her Resonator even stronger than the armor's impressive base-level buff already provides. it can be upgraded five times in total, and for melee-focused players, it's the game's best armor, bar none.

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