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Homeworld 3 Is Getting A Lot Of Post-Launch Content, Both Free And Paid

Gearbox shares the roadmap.


Gearbox has revealed the post-launch roadmap for Homeworld 3, and there's a lot of content for the game coming just in its first year.

For the game's post-launch support, Gearbox will alternate between both free and paid DLC. In June, the first update is a free content drop that will add new challenges and artifacts. July will have paid DLC with a new playable faction, new faction starting fleets, a new faction emblem, and even more artifacts and challenges.

August has additional free challenges and artifacts along with new maps and systems. October will have the second wave of paid DLC which contains similar items that the first one did.

From there, Gearbox becomes more vague with its release windows, as Q4 2024 has another free content drop. In 2025, the third new faction will arrive along with more free challenges and maps.

The free content will be made for everyone who purchased the base game, and the content updates are exclusive to the War Games Co-Op mode.

Homeworld 3 launches on May 13 for PC after numerous delays, but players who preorder the Fleet Command Edition bundle get to play the game 72 hours early on May 10.

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