Homefront: The Revolution Director Leaves Crytek UK -- Report

Several lead developers are no longer working on Crytek’s sequel to Homefront, sources say.


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Homefront: The Revolution game director Hasit Zala is said to have left his position at developer Crytek UK.

According to a report from Kotaku citing sources familiar with the studio, its Development Manager Ben Harris has also left the company earlier this month. Harris’ departure is reflected by his Linkedin page, but Zala’s Linkedin says that he’s still with Crytek, though it could simply be outdated.

The news follows previous reports that 30 or more employees left Crytek UK since development on Homefront: The Revolution began in 2011, and that morale at the Nottingham-based studio is "low." One source said that the high turnover at Crytek UK is the result of staff not being paid on time on multiple occasions.

In June, Crytek also denied a report from German magazine GameStar, which claimed Crytek was close to bankruptcy.

Crytek, which purchased the Homefront series during THQ's bankruptcy auction in January 2013 for $544,000, officially announced Homefront: The Revolution leading up to E3 2014. The game is an open-world shooter set in a Philadelphia occupied by the North Korean military, and is scheduled to release in 2015 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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