Hitman Offering Free Halloween Pack With Full Mission And Special Costume

It's a murder of crows.


To celebrate Halloween, the team at IO has flung open the doors of Hitman by offering a whole stage playable for free for a limited time. Plus since Agent 47 is known for dressing the part, he can take on the missions disguised as a spooky scarecrow.

According to the announcement, the Halloween Pack offers the Colorado location for free for anyone to download. You can access the Freedom Fighters mission, all of the Escalation and Featured Contracts, and make your own Contracts. Plus IO has made ten new Featured Contracts with a Halloween bent--telling spooky stories, causing wanton destruction, or dressing up in disguises.

Speaking of disguises, the pack also includes the very fashionable scarecrow outfit for 47. The whole pack is only available for a limited time, but IO didn't detail when it will expire. Your game progress will transfer to the full game if you purchase it.

This appears mostly aimed at giving users a taste for Hitman's brand of clockwork assassination-puzzles in time for Hitman 2. The sequel, which eschews the episodic model of the first, is due out on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on November 13. IO recently announced that actor Sean Bean will play its first Elusive Target in a limited-time mission available starting November 20.

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