Hitman 3's Latest Elusive Target Is A Homicidal Art Collector

Agent 47 is after an art collector with a deadly habit in Hitman 3's latest Elusive Target mission.


Just like the previous two games, Hitman 3 has no shortage of targets for contracts to pursue within its various stages, and this weekend will see a brand new Elusive Target roaming the Dartmoor Estate. As part of the Season of Greed, players can hunt down an obsessive and homicidal art collector by the name of Kody Haynes.

Also known as The Collector, Haynes has been on the run for the last six years after his wife discovered that he had been embezzling funds from her fast-food family fortune to help support his art-collecting habit.

Unlike other collectors though, Heynes cannot stomach the idea of his prized possessions having been owned by anyone else who is still alive, and he usually fixes that dilemma by murdering the previous artwork owners. Sounds like a problem that only a lethal master of disguise can permanently solve.

Like all other Elusive Targets, tracking Haynes down is easier said than done. He won't show up when using Agent 47's instinct vision and you'll need to pay close attention to your surroundings to find out where he is in the mansion exactly. You've also only got one chance to eliminate him, using any means at your disposal to fulfill the contract.

The Collector Elusive Target will be active from today until April 19. The rest of the month has no shortage of Hitman 3 content either, as the Season of Greed that forms part of the Seven Deadly Sins DLC collection has already begun rolling out. A seasonal egg hunt on the Berlin level is ongoing and runs until April 12, while the next Elusive Target, The Politician, arrives on April 23. You can see the rest of the Hitman 3 April roadmap right here.

In more Hitman news, IO Interactive has confirmed that the series will take a break as the studio focuses on its James Bond game. While that project is still in the early days of development, the studio has increased in size by hiring 200 more employees to work on Project 007 and other in-progress games.

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