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Hitman 3 April 2021 Roadmap Revealed And It's All About Greed

Part one of Hitman 3's Seven Deadly Sins DLC is now live with the Season of Greed update.


Developer IO Interactive has unveiled Hitman 3's April roadmap, which features a variety of content (like new missions and weapons) for all platforms that stretches into early May.

This new batch of content is called the Season of Greed and features items themed after the avaricious sin. This includes a flashy black-and-gold suit that players can dress Agent 47 in. Alongside the suit are two new weapons: the Greedy Little Coin and the Devil's Cane. The new items pair perfectly with The Greed Enumeration Escalation mission that tasks players with collecting coins to feed a frog to get various rewards.

The Season of Greed is part of Hitman 3's Seven Deadly Sins DLC collection, which retails for $30 on all platforms. Players can purchase Greed individually for $5.

A look at everything coming to Hitman 3 this April.
A look at everything coming to Hitman 3 this April.

A variety of free content also comes with the Season of Greed's launch. There's the Berlin Egg Hunt, which wraps up on April 12. A new Elusive Target, The Collector, can be hunted down in Dartmoor from April 9-19. In between that, on April 15, is a series of featured contracts by Two Angry Gamers in Dartmoor and Dubai. Another Elusive Target, The Politician in Hawke's Bay, will also be available from April 23 to May 3. And The Jinzhen Incident Escalation mission goes live on April 29.

Capping everything off, on May 6, are featured contracts by Achievement Hunter that take players to Berlin, Chongqing, and Mendoza.

Hitman 3 Season of Greed Content Roadmap

  • Seasonal Event: The Berlin Egg Hunt (March 30 - April 12)
  • Dartmoor Elusive Target - The Collector (April 9 - April 19)
  • Dubai & Dartmoor Featured Contracts: Two Angry Gamers (April 15)
  • Hawke's Bay Elusive Target - The Politician (April 23 - May 3)
  • Escalation: The Jinzhen Incident (April 29)
  • Mendoza/Chongqing/Berlin Featured Contracts: Achievement Hunter (May 6)

In other Hitman news, IO Interactive has confirmed that the series will take a break so the studio can focus on its James Bond game. It appears the project is still in the early days of development, as the studio made plans earlier this year to hire some 200 more people to work on James Bond and other in-progress games.

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