"Highly Likely" That DICE LA Will Make Its Own Game, EA Says

Battlefield support studio will branch out.


DICE Los Angeles, the support studio founded in 2013 that has worked on Battlefield 4 DLC, will likely make its own game someday. That's according to EA Studios executive Patrick Soderlund, who says in a new interview that it's "highly likely" that it'll happen, but maybe not soon.

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"When you start something new, sometimes it's actually good for them to test the waters, try a couple of expansion packs," Soderlund told IGN. "You've got to have a good idea for a great game before you can make a game, and that takes time."

Soderlund went on to say that DICE LA has "done a great job" with Battlefield 4, helping turn things around after its rocky launch in October 2013. "They've built great expansion packs, but more importantly they've created an identity for us in LA," he explained. DICE LA continues to support Battlefield 4, most recently with the community-driven free expansion pack coming later this fall.

For his part, EA CEO Andrew Wilson described the team at DICE LA as a "really, really passionate group of people." He said he has "no doubt" that the studio will eventually build a game of its own.

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There is no indication yet regarding what DICE LA's first game might be or when it would be released. The studio appears to already be hiring for this project, however, as a Senior Concept Artist is one of seven open positions posted to the developer's careers page.

For a closer look DICE LA's campus, click through the images in the gallery above.

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