Heroes of the Storm Celebrates 1-Year Anniversary With Bonus Event

Blizzard offering bonuses to players from June 2-14.


While it had already been available for some to alpha and beta testers, it was only last June that Heroes of the Storm officially launched. To mark its upcoming one-year anniversary on June 2, Blizzard has announced the details of a bonus event that begins next week.

From June 2-14, all players will receive 50 percent bonus XP for every game they play. Combined with the 50 percent bonus you always get for playing with a Battle.net friend, you should be able to easily grind out some levels (and, as a result, gold) in June.

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By logging in during that period, you'll also earn yourself the exclusive First Anniversary portrait pictured above.

Finally, for the duration of the event, Blizzard will offer a special First Anniversary bundle that offers "deep discounts." It consists of eight characters and the Tyrael's Charger mount, as well as a bonus seven-day stimpack (which you could conceivably stack with the bonus XP event for even quicker leveling).

A price for this wasn't announced, but it includes a mix of newer and older characters: The Butcher, Sgt. Hammer, Xul, Lt. Morales, Uther, Kerrigan, Artanis, and Arthas. Blizzard added dynamic bundle pricing last year, meaning however much this costs, it'll be even cheaper for you if you already own any of its contents.

Heroes of the Storm recently added its first Overwatch character, Tracer, and a new Warcraft character, Chromie. Its next character, Medivh, is due out in June.

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