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Here's The Beginning From One Of 2018's Best Games So Far, Subnautica

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Under the sea.

2018 may have only begun, but it's already proving to be a great year for video games. January alone saw the launch of major titles like Monster Hunter World and Dragon Ball FighterZ (with Dissidia Final Fantasy NT still on the way before February rolls around), as well as a number of wonderful indie games like Celeste and Iconoclasts. One of the most intriguing releases of the month, however, is Subnautica, an underwater adventure/survival game out now on PC (and on Xbox One Game Preview).

While Subnautica may not carry the same name recognition as some of this month's other releases, it's certainly one that should be on gamers' radars. The title drops players on an alien, aquatic planet, and your task is to explore the undersea depths of this strange world for resources to build new ships and stave off hunger. None of these mechanics in themselves are particularly novel, but what sets Subnautica apart from other games of its ilk is its beautiful and, at times, terrifying underwater setting, making it one of the most atmospheric and gripping adventures of the year.

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Now Playing: Subnautica - First 9 Minutes Of Gameplay

In the video above, we take a look at the first nine minutes of Subnautica, beginning with the moment we crash land on the mysterious water world. You can watch us discover colorful new species of fish and pick strange aquatic mushrooms in the relative safety of the opening shallows. Be advised, however, that the video may contain some slight spoilers for those who wish to delve into Subnautica without any prior knowledge of what awaits.

Subnautica is available now on PC via Steam. The game is also playable in early access on Xbox One, though that version does not yet have an official release date. You can read more about the title in GameSpot's Subnautica review.

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