Here’s A Creepy New PC Case To Haunt You At Night

CyberPowerPC has brought us their first breathing PC case, and it's a little creepy to think about.


CyberPowerPC has revealed a brand-new PC case to compete with the likes of RGB fans and other pristine setups. The case has 18 mechanical vents that automatically open and close whenever your rig needs air, making the case not only look incredibly futuristic, but it also looks like it is breathing. A little creepy, to say the least.

The unusual looking case works using sensors that will register the temperature of your PC at five-second intervals. It will then open and close its mechanical vents depending on whether your PC is heating up or cooling down. Essentially, if you're just watching a stream, the vents will remain closed. However, if you're trying to run something that requires more power, the vents will open as needed.

In a video regarding the PC case, CyberPowerPC's Nam Hoang says that "Adjustments are not limited to a simple open and close, but rather the opening and adjusting real time to every single degree of temperature change." In fact, the case works by sensing the environment around it and cleverly making adjustments in line with this, so it can adapt to whatever you might be using your PC for.

PCWorld reports that the design has been in the works for over six months, and will be the first case of many as a part of CyberPowerPC's Kinetic Series. If the demand is high enough, this creepy-looking, breathing PC case could be yours for just $250.

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