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Here's What's Being Changed in Battlefield Hardline Following the Beta

After Battlefield 4's shaky launch, Hardline's developer outline the changes made in response to fan feedback, including faster movement speed.

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Electronic Arts doesn't want a repeat of Battlefield 4's launch with Battlefield Hardline this year, which is why players have already had the opportunity to participate in a beta test (and will be able to do so again this fall). The beta that wrapped up last week has already resulted in significant changes to Hardline, some of which developer Visceral Games detailed today.

In a post on the official Battlefield blog, lead multiplayer designer Thad Sasser unveiled the Community's Most Wanted list. He says Visceral will use this to "outline some of the fixes and improvements we are making to Battlefield Hardline based on feedback we received during the beta and what we're hearing from you." This will be updated in the run up to Hardline's launch on October 21, "and beyond," making it sound as if Visceral will continue to be transparent about the changes it makes even after the final game is out--which is exactly what EA CEO Andrew Wilson has talked about doing.

What's currently laid out on the list is not a comprehensive look at every change being made as a result of the beta. It does, however, include a number of things beta players will be happy to see, like reducing the crazy amount of camera shake nearby players were subjected to when the crane collapsed on the High Tension map seen in the beta.

The current list of ten items on the CMW list, as described by Visceral:

  • Movement: There was a lot of feedback about slow movement speed and feeling "sluggish." We've increased player speed by 10%, and players will get a +10% bonus for running with your pistol out. It feels much faster now!
  • Suppression: There were a lot of negative comments about the camera "bounce" when suppressed. We've changed the way suppression works--your aimpoint is no longer affected, but your situational awareness is.
  • Survivalist: We've heard both sides of the argument on the Survivalist gadget, it is pretty polarizing. Some of you hate it, some of you love it--either way, we agree it was overpowered. We've changed it to revive you at 1 health and auto-inject after 5 seconds.
  • High Tension - Crane Camera Shake: A number of people called out the camera shake from this event as being too over the top. We're tuning this down.
  • High Tension - Stairs in High Tension Bug: Stairs in High Tension should no longer pull players into the wall.
  • Elevated Objectives: We've added some feedback to help you find the objective when it's above or below you.
  • Special Vehicles: We're working on adding more special drivable vehicles like the Fuel Truck into all maps. We're also working on a handbrake for cars.
  • Stuck Vehicles: We're working on the ability to "nudge" vehicles with a melee attack to help get them unstuck or to be able to move past them. No promises, but the early prototype looks promising!
  • Heavy Vehicle Damage: We've added "weak spots" in the rear of the heavily armored vehicles, making it much easier to bring them down!
  • Vehicle Occupant List: We're working on adding the Bag Carrier icon to the list of teammates inside your vehicle, so that you can tell when the bag carrier gets in your vehicle.

What do you make of these changes? Were there any other things you saw in the beta that you want changed prior to Hardline's launch? Let us know what you make of Visceral's attempt to be forthcoming with the changes it's making in the comments below.

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