Here's a blacksmith forging Sephiroth's sword in real life

Latest episode of Man at Arms series forges the Masamune blade of FFVII baddie Sephiroth.

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Blacksmith Tony Swatton, and his remarkably impressive beard, has forged a real-life replica of the Masamune, the sword of Final Fantasy VII baddie Sephiroth.

The impressive six-minute video, part of the Man at Arms series, shows Swatton and team look incredibly smart and manly as they create their 84-inch version of Sephiroth's ludicrous weapon. Expect to see loads of hammers, some forged bronze, and an angle grinder.

Previous episodes of the series have seen Swatton create Cloud Strife's Buster Sword and Kratos' Blades of Chaos.

What could he do next? And what are the chances of him getting someone to volunteer to be the test subject for a re-creation of Barret's gun arm?

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