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Help Fall Guys Developers Name This Deadly Obstacle

Name this monstrosity that'll destroy you in the game show battle royale.


Fall Guys developer Mediatonic is looking for help in naming a new obstacle. The studio posted images of the terrifying spiky beam on Twitter, asking for name suggestions from players.

Names like Thicc Bonkus, Yeetinator, and Sir Yeetalot have already been suggested. The request follows the release of a hammer named Big Yeetus in a recent update to Fall Guys. The hammer appears randomly throughout different levels to send the little bean avatars flying across the map.

This new obstacle looks like it's a part of a new map. It could be part of the new Season 2 content coming to Fall Guys at the beginning of October. New medieval levels are coming to spice up the current rotation of levels, including knight, witch, and dragon cosmetics. We now know the exact Fall Guys Season 2 release date will be October 8.

Fall Guys has been a huge success since it launched on August 4, but Mediatonic didn't get there overnight. The studio has worked on over 100 other games before they graced us with the game show battle royale. Other games they've worked on include Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess, Foul Play, Hatoful Boyfriend, and Fable Fortune.

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