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Helldivers 2 Players Have Successfully Kicked An Entire Enemy Faction Out Of The Game

Mission accomplished.


After a weekend of intense fighting, Helldivers 2 players have successfully driven the Automaton threat out of the galaxy. The conclusion to Operation Swift Disassembly has seen an entire faction removed from the game, as the Automatons are nowhere to be found after players liberated the planets of Maia, Durgen, and Tibit. The murder-bots didn't go quietly into the night as their foundries unleashed new mobile weapons of mass destruction, although Helldivers got a major firepower boost when the Quasar Cannon and heavy machine gun weapons were added to the game.

Durgen was the last to fall, seemingly bringing an end to the mechanical threat for good. "You did it, Helldivers," Arrowhead posted on X/Twitter. "Operation Swift Disassembly was a success! With the bots eradicated and bugs contained, the galaxy is free once more."

But is the war truly over? For now, Helldivers are being tasked with setting up Terminid farms, allowing the bug menace to safely breed so that they can be harvested. Remember, the bugs and their organic matter are used as a fuel resource for faster-than-light travel and any talk of them being purposefully planted on planets is treasonous talk. As for what happens next, there are a few avenues for Arrowhead to explore.

The first game featured an eternal cycle of war in which humanity successfully defended its borders or eventually fell to the combined threats on its galactic doorstep. Success or victory would be followed by the month-long loop repeating, sort of like Groundhog Day except with Bill Murray having access to a nuclear arsenal. Then there's the lurking threat of the Illuminate possibly waiting for the right time to strike, or we could see a resurgent Automaton force return in time, fielding new upgrades as they seek to initiate the "Reclamation" project.

Only Arrowhead and its official Game Master Joel know what's really coming next, but with the arrival of a new demolition-themed battle pass this week, at least Helldivers will be armed and ready to go spread some managed democracy.

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