Heavy Rain - Submit Your Questions!

Curious about what's going on with Heavy Rain? Get your questions answered by Quantic Dream, the team behind one of next year's highly anticipated games.


Heavy Rain
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It has been a while since we've heard anything new about Heavy Rain, but we've got a demo in our office, and our updated impressions are set to go live on December 14. If you haven't been following our coverage, be sure to check out our previews that cover multiple scenes from the game. There are four main characters in Heavy Rain, and we've already taken a good look at three of them. We were able to get some hands-on time with a demo earlier this year, which featured the young FBI agent Norman Jayden in a scene called "Mad Jack." At this year's E3, we got up close and personal with the beautiful and hypnotic Madison Paige, and at GamesCom we saw how the life of Ethan Mars quickly unraveled after he lost his son.

Meet Madison. She is not to be messed with.
Meet Madison. She is not to be messed with.

For those of you who have been tracking this highly anticipated game, we wanted to reach out to you and see what kinds of questions you have for the team at Quantic Dream. We'll be sending questions to the developers and will be posting the QA as soon as we get the responses back. Please note that we can't guarantee that your questions will make it into the final QA, but we'd like to have as much input from you as possible! So submit your questions as soon as you can!

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