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Heavy Rain Dev's Newest Release is a HD Remake of a PS2 Game

Watch the reveal trailer for Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered.

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Quantic Dream, the Paris-based studio responsible for Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain, has released a HD remaster of its PlayStation 2 and Xbox "interactive narrative" Indigo Prophecy (known as Fahrenheit in Europe).

Shown above is a trailer for the remake, featuring upgraded textures presented in HD resolution. Given the remixed title, Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered, the game is available now on PC, Mac, Linux and iOS. The iPhone and iPad version features new touch-screen controls, while an Android edition is also in development.

The remaster, which has been co-developed by Aspyr Media, will not ship on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, Quantic Dream explained on the game’s FAQ page.

First released in 2005, Fahrenheit is considered a forerunner of the interactive narrative games that Quantic Dream is known for, though it did not achieve the critical or commercial success of its PS3 titles Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls.

The game’s lead designer, David Cage, has previously expressed some regrets over how the project materialized, particularly with regards to how it relies on typical Hollywood action sequences towards the end.

"It was really after Fahrenheit, I got the feeling we touched on something, but I was too shy with the medium to do anything with it. I was really upset with myself, because I didn't have enough courage with the project," he told Develop in 2011.

"I realized I was writing a game where nothing ever happens. There were relationships between characters, and a love story, but it didn't feel like a video game. I felt I needed something spectacular to end it, I needed to go out with an explosion, with flying characters, I needed the world to be saved."

GameSpot's Indigo Prophecy review was nevertheless positive, writing in 2005 that "not everyone is going to love the way in which this game plays, but anybody with a love for good storytelling and the adventure genre will find Indigo Prophecy to be an original and enlightening experience."

New images of the HD remaster can be found below.

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Click on the thumbnails below to view in full screen

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