Hearthstone's Revamped Rewards System Introduces Battle Pass

Hearthstone is adopting a battle pass-like system, with a single rewards track that takes all of your in-game accomplishments across several modes into account.


Blizzard has announced a new Hearthstone expansion and game mode--Madness at the Darkmoon Faire and Duels, respectively--but another big change is coming to the game alongside both of those: a completely revamped progression system. The new rewards system follows a model familiar from other free-to-play games with battle passes. Players will earn rewards along a progression track, with an additional tier of rewards available by purchasing a seasonal Tavern Pass.

Once the new reward system is implemented, players will complete the standard Daily Quests along with new Weekly Quests, and earn new Achievements for completing in-game accomplishments. Future expansions and big updates will add new Achievements to the pool.

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All of that will help you earn experience to progress you down a Reward Track. The 50-level track will grant gold, card packs, and cosmetic items, and you'll be able to net bonus rewards with an optional Tavern Pass.

Finally, to help you keep track of your new stats and achievements, the player profile page is being revamped. It will contain lifetime stats including your ranks, ratings, and wins.

The changes will go into effect on November 12 alongside the official launch of the Duels beta. For more details, check out our in-depth look at Hearthstone's most ambitious set of updates in years, and check out all the Darkmoon Faire cards we've seen so far.

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