HBO's The Last Of Us TV Show Transforms Calgary Into A Wasteland In New Set Photos

The TV show will film in Canada, and now some photos from the elaborate sets have emerged.


Images of some of the sets for HBO's The Last of Us TV show have emerged, showing off Calgary transformed into a post-pandemic wasteland. The photos were obtained by CTV News and shared on social media from a fan account dedicated to The Last of Us series.

They don't give too much away, but the photos show off the scale of some of the sets that will be featured on the show. The show is expected to--at least loosely--follow the events of the game, which chronicles the journey of Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) as they fend off humans and other creatures stricken with a fungal plague. The game's events kick off near Austin, Texas before shifting to Boston and then other parts of America.

Previously, Tommy actor Gabriel Luna shared a photo from the show's set featuring himself, Pascal, and Nico Parker, who plays Sarah. They're sitting in a car in the photo, leading many to believe this is the pivotal moment at the start of the game when all hell begins to break loose.

Writer Craig Mazin has said The Last of Us TV show will follow the story of the original game, though the writer also assured people that the show won't be a beat-for-beat re-telling of the game.

If you're itching for more information, check out our rundown of everything we know so far about the show's character, story, and creative team.

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