HBO's Entourage: Creator Responds To Calls For A Revival Show

Doug Ellin says fans can show their love for Entourage by listening to his podcast.


Plenty of popular TV shows have received the reboot treatment in recent years, but could HBO's Entourage be next? It's too soon to say, according to series creator Doug Ellin.

Ellin shared a news story on Instagram regarding the potential revival, and he added that he is "considering my consideration" of rebooting the show.

Ellin and Entourage star Kevin Dillon host an Entourage rewatch podcast called Victory The Podcast where they break down episodes from the show and share anecdotes. Ellin said if people want to see an Entourage reboot someday, they should show the podcast some love, which may in turn drum up interest in getting a reboot off the ground.

"If [an Entourage revival] interests you at all, please check out Victory The Podcast and spread the word. We are growing and the love for Entourage is definitely on the rise," he said. "I appreciate each and every one of you you . Victory!"

Entourage ran for eight seasons on HBO from 2004-2011. The show centers on the character Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier), an actor from New York who moves to Los Angeles to make it big. The series also starred Kevin Connolly, Jerry Ferrara, Jeremy Piven, and Emmanuelle Chriqui.

Season 2 of Entourage famously featured a fake Aquaman movie starring Chase that was directed, in the show's fiction, by James Cameron. Ellin said he thought the idea of an Aquaman movie was so preposterous that only Cameron could pull it off, and then Warner Bros. actually made the movie in 2019 with Jason Momoa.

"I thought Aquaman sounded like the most ridiculous movie in the world and, to me, the only way to make it work was if James Cameron was directing it," Ellin told Entertainment Weekly.

An Entourage movie written and directed by Ellin was released in 2015 featuring the main cast from the show.

One of HBO's next big shows is an adaptation of Naughty Dog's The Last of Us, which was recently picked up for its first season.

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