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Hasbro Reveals Nerf Roblox Blasters

Check out images from the latest Nerf set inspired by the game Roblox.


Hasbro's Nerf brand has some brand-new blasters coming your way this fall based on the massive online game Roblox. The company revealed some of the products, which you can pre-order later today.

There are seven sets coming out, including three micro shots and one two-pack, for the Nerf blasters. The various blasters are inspired from elements and games from the massive online game, and each blaster comes with a code which you can redeem for in-game rewards. Check them out below.

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First is the Adopt Me! Bees! blaster ($30). Inspired by DreamCraft's social roleplay game, Adopt Me!, this Nerf blaster has an eight-dart drum and comes with eight elite darts. It also looks like it has honey all over it. Next is the Jailbreak Armory blaster two-pack ($20). Jailbreak is a Roblox open-work action game created by Badimo where you can play as cops and robbers. This set comes with two blasters and 10 darts.

Roblox has three Microshots ($10 each) as well inspired by various other games. Next is the large and in charge, battery-operated Arsenal Pulse Blaster ($40). It has a removable 10-dart clip, and the blaster comes with 10 darts. The blaster is inspired by ROLVe's free-for-all action game Arsenel. Finally, there is the MM2 Shark Seeker ($25), which comes with three mega darts. The look of the blaster was inspired by the multiplayer detective game MM2 by Nikilis.

Additionally, there is a Roblox Monopoly set available for preorder now on Hasbro Pulse and Big Bad Toy Shop. The Roblox-inspired set will cost $20 at features many elements fans of the game are familiar with.

Recently, Hasbro was looking for someone to make TikTok videos for them, which paid $10k a month. The company is also expanding its product line with Fortnite, which means even more Fortnite Nerf products will be coming in the near future, along with a new action figure for The Foundation.

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