Hasbro Will Pay You $10k A Month To Make Nerf TikTok Videos

Get ready to throw down for a job that won't nerf your resume.


Multinational toy corporation Hasbro has announced it's creating a new role for a Nerf Chief TikTok Officer, a marketing role that's been recently and nonchalantly listed on the company's job board. The job description, posted by "Desperate Millennials trying to appeal to Gen Z" strikes an interesting tone that can only be described as "we, The Olds, are running the asylum--please help!" That characterization may seem like somewhat of an exaggeration, but check out the accompanying video also announcing the role below and see for yourself.

"We are looking for a creator who is a Nerf enthusiast, a TikTok extraordinaire, has good comedic timing, and knows how to use a ring light," the listing reads. According to a release accompanying all this fanfare, applicants for the role--which will pay $10,000 a month for up to three months "to help develop strategy"--are advised to apply at the link above, and also follow the official Nerf TikTok account, and to "post their best NERF-related TikTok video using the hashtag #NerfApplication and tagging @NERF between March 26 and April 4, 2021."

The job listing is given an even further lift via actress China McClain (Hubie Halloween) and athlete Donald De La Haye, who according to the release have both given "a call to action on TikTok for fans to apply." Since launching in 2016, the video-sharing social networking platform TikTok has surged in popularity to become--per this listing--a highly influential and popular service.

"While the Nerf global marketing team really is best-in-class at what they do in terms of creativity and connecting with our fans, we admit we could use some help as the brand steps into the world of TikTok," said Teresa Pearson, senior director of global brand strategy and marketing for Nerf. "This position isn't all fun and Nerf battles, though we imagine that will certainly be a part of it. The Nerf CTO will get a hands-on, real life job experience working on the Nerf team during a very exciting time in our brand's history."

However out of touch Nerf might be feeling, it isn't alone in embracing this sort of tactic to raise brand awareness and help inspire wider discussion. This Nerf gig follows in the footsteps of Animal Crossing's 2020 "dream job" contest paying one lucky villager for playing 50 hours of the popular game, and the recent for-hire Minecraft virtual landscaping services.

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