Hard Reset boots up September 13

Flying Wild Hog's cyberpunk first-person shooter set to debut on Steam for $30; preorders to get 10 percent off asking price.


Polish developer Flying Wild Hog today announced that its cyberpunk first-person shooter Hard Reset will launch on Steam September 13, exactly two months after the game was first announced. The shorter-than-usual turnaround time on the game will be matched by a cheaper-than-usual price, as it will sell for $30 on Valve's digital distribution service, with an additional 10 percent off for those who preorder the game.

Keep an eye out for Hard Reset?
Keep an eye out for Hard Reset?

Hard Reset is set in a bleak future at humanity's twilight. Under assault from robotic adversaries, civilization has contracted down to a single city called Bezoar. Players will take the role of military veteran Major Fletcher, who slowly uncovers the truth behind the cataclysmic conflict. The game will make use of the studio's Road Hog engine, which was built from the ground up for Hard Reset.

With a roster of 35 employees, Flying Wild Hog is a pastiche of developers with experience elsewhere in the Polish gaming scene. Specifically, the studio lists People Can Fly, CD Projekt Red, and City Interactive among its workers' previous employers.

For more on Hard Reset, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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