Hands-On: Fire Prowrestling G

Ever wanted to pit The Rock against Kevin Nash? How about matching up Stone Cold Steve Austin against Hollywood Hogan? Fire Prowrestling G for the PlayStation does just that.


Fire Prowrestling G

We've gotten our hands on Human's new wrestling game, Fire Prowrestling G for the PlayStation. The game, currently available in Japan, is the latest in the Fire Prowrestling series, providing much of the same 2D action seen in 6 Man Scramble for the Saturn. Like 6MS, the game features a smattering of American wrestlers, including big names from the WCW (called WWC in the game) and WWF (known as WFW in the game). Wrestlers include Hollywood Hogan, Kane, Undertaker, Diamond Dallas Page, The Rock, Sting, Kevin Nash, the Steiner brothers, Bam Bam Bigelow, The Legion of Doom, Big Show, Mankind, Golddust, and Chris Benoit.

Fire Prowrestling G is packed full of options, letting you create wrestlers, set up lengthy tournaments, and even fight in a UFC-style Octagon. We'll have a full import review in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, check out these screenshots.

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