Hands-on: Dreamcast QB Club 2000

As part of Acclaim's Gamers Day event in Austin, Texas, we get our hands on the latest version of Quarterback Club.


Currently on location in Austin, Texas, videogames.com editors James Mielke and Ben Stahl are checking out the latest wares from Acclaim at the company's Gamer's Day event. One of the titles the two got their hands on was a new version of Quarterback Club 2000 for the Sega Dreamcast.

For the Dreamcast version, Acclaim is looking to focus on details. For example, the company stressed that in this version it wants to make a discernable difference in the heights of the characters as quarterbacks look smaller than the standard linebackers. Acclaim also intends to add more helmet and facial details; a company spokesperson claimed that the final game will include reflections off of the player helmets.

Acclaim has also added new field textures and weather effects to the Dreamcast version of the game. In fact, there will be real-time field deterioration happening in the game - fall down in Candlestick Park on a rainy day and you'll see the dirt spots there for the rest of the game.

NFL Quarterback Club 2000 on the Dreamcast is being slated for a late September or early October release.

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