Hands-on: Dreamcast Mr. Driller

TOKYO – We got our hands on what is Namco's second and quite possibly last game for the Sega Dreamcast.


TOKYO - Namco's second Dreamcast title, which the company already plans to bring to the PlayStation, is perhaps the greatest disappointment in the history of video game mankind. Mr. Driller, while hot on the heels of the company's first memorable Sega title in years, Soul Calibur, reeks of being an obligatory hand-me-down from the ranks of possible DC candidates. No Klonoa, no Crisis Zone, heck, not even a Smash Court for the Dreamcast owners who pushed sales of Soul Calibur into the millions.

A mind-bogglingly simplistic puzzle game, Mr. Driller runs much smoother than the PS version thanks to higher-resolution and better interlacing routines. Unless Namco packs in Tekken Tag Tournament as an unlockable Easter Egg, however, chances are we think the game-buying public will react to Namco's latest, and perhaps final Dreamcast offering with staggering indifference. Look for the full review of Mr. Driller for DC soon.

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