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Halo: MCC Adds Freeze Tag Mode, And It's Complete Chaos

Freeze Tag comes to Halo.


You might have played freeze tag growing up, and now you can play a virtual version inside of Halo: The Master Chief Collection with Halo: Reach on Xbox One and PC.

Freeze Tag is a team-based elimination mode that challenges players to freeze everyone on the other side to win. Teams can also win by grabbing a neutral flag and taking it to the enemy base. Those who get frozen aren't immediately out, as players can huddle together to thaw their teammates.

Additionally, frozen players can move very slowly to try to get to cover. Over time, they will thaw, but teammates huddling close by gets it done faster. Once a player becomes thawed, they are granted a short period of invincibility to help get back in the game.

Should the timer expire, the team with the fewest frozen players wins. This new Freeze Tag game mode is available in Halo: MCC through February 18 as part of an event called Winter Contingency.

Everyone who plays five matches during the Winter Contingency event will earn the Focus Rifle nameplate. Play 15 matches and you'll get the Winter Contingency nameplate.

I've played a few Freeze Tag matches, and it's a doozy of a game mode. It's fast and frenetic, and completely chaotic. It's fun for those looking to mix things up, but you may get tired of it after a few rounds and head back to standard Slayer.

Part of what makes Halo: MCC so appealing, even years after release, is because 343 continues to support the game with unique and imaginative updates like this. Here's to hoping that continues in the future.

It's a big year for Halo, as 343 will release Halo Infinite as a launch title for the Xbox Series X later this year.

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