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Halo Infinite Dev Reacts To "Turtling Up" Criticism

A Halo community manager says Microsoft has shared plenty about the game, even if it's not all focused on gameplay


It's been a busy year for Halo Infinite, as Microsoft showed off the first look at the campaign mode in July before announcing in August that multiplayer element would be free. Despite the delay of Infinite's release to 2021, news has continued to roll in, including a very recent announcement where developer 343 Industries outlined the new "coatings" customization feature for the sci-fi shooter. But some part of the Halo player base was expecting to have seen and learned more about the game at this point, especially considering it was supposed to be out in early November alongside Xbox Series X and Series S. Now, some fans are accusing the developers of holding back.

Halo community manager John Junyszek has responded to a fan on Twitter who said Microsoft has been "turtling up" in regards to Halo Infinite. Junyszek said the news that Microsoft has shared so far about Halo Infinite might not be everyone's cup of tea, but he doesn't accept the idea that Microsoft is hiding Halo Infinite away.

"I would disagree on the turtling comment," Junyszek said. "We just explained what coatings are, showed off two new renders, and followed up with clarifications here on Twitter. Yes, this may be different news that you might have hoped for, but it certainly isn't turtling."

This is not the first time that Junyszek has addressed "turtling" in particular. In August, he said 343 would share more details on Halo Infinite when it could, adding that "the plan is definitely not to turtle."

The newest announcement of the new "coating" system for weapon, armor, and player skins was met with criticism by some fans, including about the implications for microtransactions. The first of the new coatings have been announced as exclusives to GameStop shoppers and people who enjoy sugary snacks, and 343 has admitted that this is not ideal.

Halo Infinite recently experienced a big shakeup with its leadership, as well. Director Chris Lee has stepped down from his role, though he hasn't left Microsoft completely. It's unclear who is taking over, but Lee is the second director to exit during the game's turbulent development.

Given that it has been five years since Halo 5 was released in 2015, Halo fans are understandably eager to see and learn more about Halo Infinite, especially after the delay. Halo Infinite was lined up to be the Xbox Series X's marquee launch title before Microsoft delayed it due in part to complications related to COVID-19.

The game currently has no release date in 2021, but Xbox Game Pass subscribers will get it at no extra cost on Xbox and PC. Additionally, the multiplayer element is free so everyone can try it. While Halo Infinite is releasing on Xbox Series X and S, it will also come to Xbox One as well.

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