Halo Infinite: Details On First HCS Event Coming Next Week

Microsoft will announce the first Halo Infinite Halo Championship Series event next week, covering its dates, venue, format, how to buy tickets, and COVID safety protocols.


Details on Halo Infinite's first Halo Championship Series event will be revealed next week, Halo eSports lead Tashi has announced. The studio will provide all the key details for the event, including the dates, venue, format, and how to buy tickets.

There will also be details on the COVID protocols that will be in place to keep people safe and healthy. This information drop will replace Tashi's regular monthly blog post.

Microsoft is upping the ante with Halo Infinite eSports endeavors, and this includes giving players the ability to purchase in-game content from Halo Infinite, with some of the money going to your favorite team. 343 considered adopting the Overwatch League's franchise model and format, but the company ultimately decided against it. Overwatch League franchises reportedly cost many millions of dollars to start.

"For Halo, we decided it was critical that Halo Infinite esports had an open format and ecosystem, and that we were building off of the philosophy that started way back with Halo: Combat Evolved," the developer said. "We wanted to create an ecosystem that was as open as possible to allow for new teams to integrate into the scene at any time, for up-and-coming players to have the opportunity to rise to the top at any moment, and for tournament operators of all sizes to plug into the ecosystem across any region."

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In other news, Halo Infinite's next multiplayer beta is scheduled to start this week--but it might be delayed.

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