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Halo Infinite Beta Coming First To Xbox; Split-Screen Already Up And Running

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Halo Infinite had a big showing at E3 2019 last week, but Microsoft isn't done dropping news about the long-awaited Xbox and PC game. Developer 343 Industries to shared some new details on the game, and it's a lot to take in.

Starting off, 343 confirmed in a blog post that Halo Infinite will support LAN and that the already announced split-screen feature is "up and running" already. That's a big deal because Halo 5 dropped split-screen in a move that upset a number of series fans.

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343 also announced that the beta tests for Halo Infinite, known as "flights," will take place first on Xbox and then PC. The testing periods will "start small" and then "slowly expand" up until the game's release in Holiday 2020. "Flighting may come a little bit later for PC players, but we're treating it as a first-class citizen," 343 said.

The studio also confirmed that the characters in Halo Infinite will have black undersuits. That sounds like a small detail, but in Halo 4 and Halo 5 players had different colored undersuits, which garnered a mix reaction from fans.

Additionally, 343 teased Halo Infinite's armor customization options, saying, "if you liked the level of armor customziation in Halo: Reach, you will be pleased [with Halo infinite]." On top of that, 343 confirmed that those who reach the highest level in Halo 5, SR 152, will receive a "token of appreciation" in Halo Infinite.

Finally, 343 stated that it has an internal team of professional gamers testing Halo Infinite's multiplayer. And on the story side, 343 re-affirmed that Halo Infinite's story begins "some time after" the end of Halo 5.

Halo Infinite releases in Holiday 2020 as a launch title for Project Scarlett. The game plays on the entire family of Xbox One consoles, as well as PC.

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