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Halo 5 Microtransactions Have Now Generated At Least $1 Million

The Halo World Championship prize pool now stands at $2 million.


Love them or hate them, microtransactions are popular. This continues to be true for Halo 5: Guardians, as Microsoft has now announced that sales from the game's Req packs have generated $1 million-plus. This is up from $700,000 as of November 19 and $500,000 as of November 5.

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As announced previously, these funds will be added to the Halo World Championship prize pool, bringing its new total prize purse to $2 million. The prize pool started at $1 million.

It's probable that Halo 5 microtransaction revenue is actually even higher than $1 million. As Microsoft said before, only a "portion" of Req bundle sales are contributed to the Halo World Championship prize pool. The company hasn't provided any insight into the specific percentage breakdown of Req pack revenue.

In Halo 5, you can spend real-world money to buy various Req packs that come with items for the game's multiplayer modes. Developer 343 Industries continues to entice players with new content, as a whopping 48 new Req packs were put on sale in November as part of the Battle of Shadow and Light expansion.

In addition, Microsoft has launched a special Halo Championship Series premium Req pack, which comes with themed weapon skins, armor, and weapons. It's available now to buy for $10, but it'll only be on sale until Saturday, December 5, at 12 PM PST.

Even more Reqs bundles are coming to Halo 5 in December through the Cartographer's Gift update.

Microtransaction pricing in Halo 5 ranges from $2-$25. These can also be unlocked through regular gameplay. Halo 5's monthly updates, such as Battle of Shadow and Light and the upcoming Cartographer's Gift, are offered for free. Microsoft will continue to release new DLC for Halo 5 at least through June 2016.

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