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Microsoft is expanding the Minecraft: Halo Edition mash-up pack with new skins based on Halo 5: Guardians. Available October 23 for Xbox One and Xbox 360 will be new Master Chief and Spartan Locke skins, as well as more for the other members of Blue Team and Fireteam Osiris, including Nathan Fillion's Edward Buck.

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The Firefly actor says he likes the way he looks in Halo 5, but he might have a different opinion about his block form. You can check out all the skins in the image gallery above.

If you already own the Minecraft DLC pack for Xbox One or Xbox 360, you'll get the new skins by way of a free update. Everyone else can buy the mash-up pack for $4 and receive all original content and the new wares.

Halo 5 skins featured in the Minecraft: Halo Edition mash-up pack update include:

Blue Team:

  • Spartan-117 The Master Chief
  • Spartan-104 Fredric
  • Spartan-087 Kelly
  • Spartan-058 Linda

Fireteam Osiris:

  • Spartan Locke
  • Spartan Buck
  • Spartan Tanaka
  • Spartan Vale

The mash-up pack already featured a Halo-themed texture set, as well as themed menus, new craftable items, and 31 music tracks from across the Halo series. It also comes with 40 skins for characters like Master Chief, Cortana, Sergeant Johnson, and the Arbiter. What's more, it has pre-made worlds like Silent Cartographer, Sandtrap, Valhalla, Blackout, Guardians, and Blood Gulch, among others.

Halo 5 launches on October 27 exclusively for Xbox One.

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