Halo 5 Campaign Getting Score Attack Mode

Even more campaign updates coming.


It's not just Halo 5's multiplayer mode that developer 343 Industries is supporting with post-launch updates. The developer has now announced more new features coming to the Xbox One shooter's campaign, this time in the form of a Score Attack mode.

In 343's latest weekly blog post, the developer revealed the Campaign Score Attack mode is coming to Halo 5 through a future update. "There's something beautiful about racking up points for eliminating foes, and this certainly applies to both the multiplayer battlefield as well as the caverns and crawlspaces of Campaign," the developer said.

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Campaign engineer Gabe Deyerle went on to say that he is happy to resurrect campaign scoring from past games for Halo 5. This time, it has a "few new twists," he said.

"First of all, thanks to the work going on in parallel with Warzone Firefight, we were able to expose a large suite of the medals you can earn in Multiplayer to campaign for the purposes of earning points," he said. "With over 50 medals to earn in Score Attack, you'll earn the most points for defeating your foes as stylishly as possible."

If you're playing co-op, players will earn score independently. This might encourage players to go off on their own, but, as 343 warns, players will still need to work together in some sequences, especially at higher difficulties.

"We've found this creates a fun tension between helping your friends and taking advantage of their fumbles," it said. "But you'll know who the true heroes were after the game in the [post game carnage report] where you can see how you stacked up against each other, as well as a full medal breakdown."

Also in the blog post, 343 mentions that, after "a lot of playtesting," it was decided to make the Legendary All Skulls On variant somewhat easier. This is done by allowing players to revive one another if they go down while the Iron skull is on. "It's still pretty brutal (as we think LASO should be) but now there's hope of having a second chance if you go down in a safe location where your allies can get to you," the developer explained.

Additionally, 343 is tweaking Halo 5's campaign to better support speed-runners. When in Score Attack, cinematics are disabled entirely.

"This meant we could optimize our loading times to get you into the game considerably faster than in the normal campaign," 343 said. "And we heard you, it's a terrible feeling to *just* miss your personal best or a world record because you failed a trick, so we added "Restart Mission" into the pause menu to ease that pain, if only a little bit."

Score Attack will also come with a new set of Achievements; these are:

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Additionally, there will be Score Attack multipliers and new Score Attack-specific statistics that will show up on your service record. You can see these here on Halo Waypoint. Additionally, some images of the new Score Attack mode can be seen in the gallery above.

The Halo 5 update that adds Campaign Score Attack is coming "soon," though a release date was not announced. It's possible it will come with the Warzone Firefight expansion, Halo 5's largest to date, which comes out at the end of the month, though this is not confirmed.

This is not the first time 343 has updated Halo 5's campaign since the game's release in October 2015. A previous update introduced new balance changes and more.

Additionally, 343 offered a further clue that Halo 5 would be adding a golf club, maybe the 7 Wood, to the game's Forge mode with this image:

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In other news about Halo, a beta for Halo Wars 2 will reportedly run June 13-20, while Microsoft has again stressed that Halo 5 is not coming to PC (though its Forge tools are).

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