Halo 4 'addiction' rewarded with MS points

Xbox Live Rewards members can score free points for logging at least 35 hours of online play, or by spending at least $18.75 on Halo items by November 30.


Halo 4 players who log enough hours in the game's multiplayer department or spend enough money on Halo-related items will be rewarded for doing so. Microsoft has announced a new "Halo 4 Combat Tour" offer that gives Xbox Live Rewards members the opportunity to score as many as 800 MS points just for playing 343 Industries' new shooter.

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"Are you ready to put your Halo addiction to good use?" reads a line from the promotion.

Gamers who play 35 or more hours of Halo 4 multiplayer by November 30 will receive 100 MS points ($1.25). Those who log 70 or more hours will score 300 MS points ($3.75), while those who spend 140 or more hours in Halo 4's multiplayer will receive 600 MS points ($7.50) for doing so.

Additionally, players who spend 3,000 MS points ($37.50) on Halo-related Xbox Live marketplace content will get 200 MS points ($2.50) back, while those who spend 1,500 MS points ($18.75) on Halo items will get 100 MS points ($1.25) in return.

This is not the only promotion that rewards Halo 4 gamers for playing. Eligible American Express card holders can receive a $25 statement credit for completing the game's campaign on normal or harder difficulty.

Halo 4 launched worldwide yesterday exclusively for the Xbox 360. For more, check out GameSpot's review.

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