Half-Minute Hero hurries back for more

Sequel to last year's time-compressed PSP role-playing game launching later this year.


Half-Minute Hero

Last year's PSP role-playing game Half-Minute Hero eschewed the time-consuming grinding associated with the genre in favor of fast-paced minigame quests that had to be completed in just 30 seconds. That focus on speed extends beyond the game, as Marvelous Entertainment has announced a Half-Minute Hero sequel will arrive in Japanese stores this November.

"Who will save us now? And by now, we mean NOW!"

According to a report on Andriasang, the latest issue of Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu reveals the sequel and details some of the new features. Half-Minute Hero 2 will retain its retro pixel-art aesthetic, but the 30-second time limit mechanic will be tweaked. Not everything will have a time limit, and players will be able to stop the clock in parts to better explore the gameworld.

The game will offer 90 quests across five different story scenarios that follow a variety of protagonists as they battle demonic adversaries, seal a door to hell, wander through a postapocalyptic wasteland, and help a schoolgirl and her classmates on an adventure. Half-Minute Hero 2 will also include a four-player cooperative and competitive gameplay, a quest editor, and a Survival mode.

For more on the original Half-Minute Hero, which was published in North America by Xseed, check out GameSpot's review.

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