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Half-Life Meets Hotline Miami in This Fan Game Mashup

Halfline Miami is a mashup of two great games.


Another E3 ended this week with Valve not making even the tiniest peep about the long-awaited Half-Life 3. Soon, however, you'll be able to take Gordon Freeman on a new adventure of a different kind.

Dutch Developer Thomas Kole is working on a small game he calls Halfline Miami, which mashes up the legendary first-person shooter Half-Life and the ultra violent indie-hit Hotline Miami.

As you can see in the recently released trailer above, the game re-creates Gordon Freeman's adventures in Half-Life 2, but as a Hotline Miami level, using the same top-down perspective, and fast, combo-based scoring system.

Instead of the variety of guns and melee weapons you'd find in Hotline Miami, Freeman still has his signature gravity gun, which he uses to pick up items and launch them at enemies.

Kole said that at this point he's done working on the core gameplay and just has to finish making the maps. At the moment, he has three maps named after areas in Half-Life 2—Point Insertion, Route Kanal, Water Hazard—and another bonus level.

You can follow the game's progress on its indieDB page here.

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