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Half-Life for the Dreamcast officially cancelled

Confirming speculation, Sierra has finally terminated the Dreamcast version of the PC classic.


In a press release issued by Sierra late today, it was confirmed that the Dreamcast version of Half-Life has been officially cancelled. For several months, speculation has persisted that the game may never be released on Sega's final console, and today these suspicions were confirmed. Half-Life is the latest in a string of third-party Dreamcast software cancellations since the platform was discontinued in March. Sierra's official press release stated, "Sierra regrets the cancellation of Half-Life for the Dreamcast due to changing market conditions."

When contacted for comment, Sierra stated that no further explanation for the cancellation would be issued and that it would not answer questions regarding the game's demise. Half-Life for the Dreamcast was to include an exclusive side mission called Blue Shift that would let you play as a Black Mesa security officer. The PC version of Blue Shift was recently released.

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