Guitar Hero TV show, Call of Duty movie under consideration - Report

Activision looking to translate its rhythm game, war action series into small- and big-screen properties, claims the Hollywood Reporter; concert tour also a possibility.


When Brett Ratner pronounced that he wanted to make a Guitar Hero movie last year, the floodgates of derision swung wide open. Now, though, Activision appears to be seriously considering a television show centered on the game. (Apparently the lingerie-model TV ads and rampant product placement in Californication weren't enough.)

Apparently this was too subtle.
Apparently this was too subtle.

Shortly before parent company Activision Blizzard reported that the Guitar Hero series has generated $2 billion in sales--a feat matched only by the Madden and Super Mario Bros. franchises--CEO Bobby Kotick spoke with the The Hollywood Reporter. Though he declined to comment on Legendary Pictures' in-limbo World of Warcraft movie, he did say that that the rhythm-game series "might make for a good TV show or a good concert tour."

Though a throwaway comment on its own, Kotick's statement was backed up by an unnamed source who told the Reporter that discussions to turn Guitar Hero into a reality show are underway. Adding to the Activision cross-media synergy stew, the trade reported that the same source said that another marquee Activision series, Call of Duty, is "being talked about for the big screen."

Kotick also wouldn't address the prospect of a Call of Duty movie, but was unapologetic about Activision Blizzard's attempt to generate revenue wherever it can. "We have growth and we're making money. That's better than others can say," he said, in an apparent dig at archrival Electronic Arts, which reported $1 billion in annual losses this week .

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