Guitar Hero benches pro athlete

Tigers' fireballer Joel Zumaya missed playoff games because of injuries sustained from playing RedOctane's guitar sim, not from launching 100mph-plus fastballs.


Joel Zumaya is no Bronson Arroyo, Barry Zito, or Bernie Williams.
Joel Zumaya is no Bronson Arroyo, Barry Zito, or Bernie Williams.

When Detroit Tigers pitcher Joel Zumaya was scratched from three games in the American League Championship Series this past October, many suspected it was another case of a young arm succumbing to the lengthy MLB season.

Zumaya, who tops the 100mph mark on his fastball, was benched in the ALCS against the Oakland Athletics because of forearm inflammation. However, the Tigers training staff was confused because his injury seemed to be caused by the same motion of playing guitar--not from an overhand pitching motion.

The pitcher and trainers quickly realized that Zumaya's problem stemmed from his addiction to RedOctane's Guitar Hero, the PlayStation 2 rhythm game that uses a guitar-shaped controller, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Once Tigers staff asked him to stop playing the game, Zumaya felt better and went on to pitch pain-free in the World Series.

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