Guinness recognizes record-setting Halo player

Cody Miller's speed run through Halo 2 on legendary without dying immortalized in 2007 Guinness World Records.


Unless they have a morbid interest in grotesquely long fingernails, the inane ability to balance various items on one's head, or extreme cases of overweight/tall/short people, gamers don't have much reason to be interested in Guinness World Records. Originally designed as a book to settle bar bets in the UK, Guinness World Records (formerly known as The Guinness Book of World Records) is a reference book noting the most extreme of human achievements and facts.

Now, one gamer's achievement sits alongside the records of longest table tennis rally, most time spent continually ironing, and shortest music video. Cody Miller's speed run through Halo 2 on legendary difficulty without dying has been officially recognized by Guinness, according to Bungie.

Miller completed Bungie's opus in just under three and a half hours. The feat was completed almost a year ago but was just included in the 2007 edition of Guinness World Records, which was released this month.

Gaming-records site Twin Galaxies set out the challenge of beating the game without dying as a $250 bounty, to which Miller accepted. To see Miller's breakdown of his record-setting run, head over to Halo fan site HBO.

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