Guilty Gear waggles to Wii, PS2

New publisher bringing Arc System Works' long-running fighting series to US this fall.


First sleuthed out in February, Guilty Gear XX Accent Core will be heading to the US on the Wii and PlayStation 2 this fall under the guidance of a new publisher, Aksys Games. Accent Core debuted in Japanese arcades last year, and has since seen a PlayStation 2 version hit the Land of the Rising Sun in May.

Arc System Works' latest XX installment further refines the Guilty Gear X2 formula, which itself is a refinement of the Guilty Gear X line of 2D fighters. Accent Core will feature a revamped fighting system that introduces three new gameplay mechanics, as well as new audio and visuals, and two fighters that had previously been seen only in Japanese iterations. In addition to support for the GameCube gamepad and Classic Controller, the Wii version will introduce motion-sensing controls for punching, kicking, and special attacks.

In nearly 10 years on the market, the Guilty Gear series has seen several different publishers, with Majesco handling the series' US installments in recent years. However, the Guilty Gear license appears to have fallen prey to that publisher's shift toward casual games, as Accent Core will be delivered courtesy of Aksys Games.

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core has not yet been rated or priced.

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