GTA-Style MMO APB Reloaded Quietly Launches on Xbox One, Has a $200 DLC Option

Play in the first 30 days and you'll receive some free stuff.


The GTA-inspired APB: Reloaded has quietly launched on Xbox One today, marking the long-running free-to-play MMO's console debut.

All Points Bulletin was first released on PC in 2010 as a subscription-based MMO. It was developed by Grand Theft Auto creator David Jones' studio, Realtime Worlds, which is best known for the original Crackdown. APB was essentially pitched as an MMO version of GTA, but it struggled out of the gate and was sold off and then re-released as a free-to-play game under the name APB: Reloaded in 2011. It's now developed by Reloaded Games and published by Ravenscourt.

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Reloaded on Xbox One is, like the PC version, free-to-play, offering open-world combat for up to 100 players (in 50-versus-50 battles), a range of vehicles and weapons, in-depth customization options, and more. Players choose between a role as a law enforcer or criminal and then wreak havoc (or clean it up) on the streets.

While the game is free to download and play (though you will need an Xbox Live Gold subscription), it does of course have microtransactions. You can purchase G1C, a currency used to pay for various services and things like weapons and clothing on the in-game marketplace. This comes in packages as small as $5 for 400 G1C up to a whopping $200 for 20,800.

The developers are calling this a "soft launch," hence the relatively quiet release. Those who play the game during its first 30 days (or before the first patch arrives, if that should come sooner) will receive a free Founders Pack, which consists of things like the Fireworks Flare Launcher and a vehicle. If you play more than 10 hours during this period, you'll also get an exclusive in-game title and some weapon skins.

A PS4 version of APB: Reloaded is also in the works, though it doesn't yet have a date. In a blog post, the developer says that Reloaded will come to PS4 "after the first post-launch patch for Xbox One," which is roughly a month away. Both console versions were previously slated for release in mid-2015.

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The developer's post also goes on to address the PC audience, acknowledging problems it's faced.

"As many of you guys are aware, we have been in development limbo (or development hell) for a very long time," it said. "The console versions were originally supposed to ship a long time ago and we were contractually obligated to release the new engine on the console version before shipping these changes on PC. Since the new engine performs really well on PC, it has been a bit frustrating to be stuck in this mode for this long."

It also says with the console releases now finally happening, it'll be a boon for the PC version. You can read about the improvements on the way here.

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