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GTA Online - How To Get The Terrorbyte And Laptop

The Terrorbyte and laptop both need to be procured if you want to progress in the Cluckin' Bell Farm Raid.


At the start of the Breaking and Entering mission in the Cluckin' Bell Farm Raid in GTA Online, you have the option to go to the location of the Terrorbyte or a cartel laptop. The Terrorbyte is an armored vehicle that houses a special hacking device you need to procure for upcoming missions. The laptop has all sorts of cartel secrets on it, making it extremely valuable to Vincent.

Below, you can see how to find both the Terrorbyte and the laptop in the Cluckin' Bell Farm Raid.

Finding the Terrorbyte

First up, we'll go over the location of the Terrorbyte. This is marked by the blue bus icon on your mini-map, and that icon takes you to a general area in the middle of the warehouse district. You need to search the general area (staying inside the yellow zone) to find the Terrorbyte, which is hiding in plain sight.

Inside the yellow zone, there's one main street and some side streets you can search. To locate the Terrorbyte, go south on the main road until you find a side street that has some structures on the right side. Here, in between those structures, you'll find the Terrorbyte vehicle sitting near a warehouse and in front of a dumpster.

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When you find the Terrorbyte, start walking toward it and look for the aerial drones floating above the vehicle. You need to destroy these drones before you can access the Terrorbyte. The first couple of drones will just sit and let you shoot them, but additional waves of drones will continually spawn after you shoot the first ones. These new drones are equipped with machine guns, so you need to stay behind cover and stay alive while also shooting at the drones.

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After a few waves of drones have been eliminated, Vincent comes over the radio to tell you to enter the Terrorbyte. Upon entering the vehicle, loot the hacking device off a table and leave the vehicle. You can now proceed with finding the laptop.

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Stealing the laptop

Next up, you have to head to the Los Santos pier and steal a laptop with cartel information on it. Vincent sends you a text that has an image of the laptop's owner, who is a brown-haired man wearing a black and white shirt.

At the pier, you have to search another yellow zone to find the man, who has the laptop on him. To save you some time, the man is located at the far right corner of the pier, directly adjacent to the Ferris wheel. You can find him behind a building near a hot dog stand playing an arcade game with his back turned to you.

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When you find the laptop's owner, approach slowly from behind and go near the laptop that's sitting on the bench next to him. If you're close enough to the laptop, you can interact with it and walk away with it scott-free. Panic will likely ensue shortly after you've stolen the laptop, but no cops will chase you.

Exit the pier and start going toward the train yard, which is the next destination you need to visit in the Breaking and Entering mission. We covered that mission plus all of the other missions in our complete walkthrough of the Cluckin' Bell Farm Raid.

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