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GTA Online - How To Get The Train Key In The Cluckin' Bell Farm Raid

One of the missions in the Cluckin' Bell Farm Raid requires you to steal a train using a hidden key.


During the Breaking and Entering mission in the Cluckin' Bell Farm Raid in GTA Online, you are tasked with stealing a train so you can access the cartel's factory. This comes after you steal the hacking device from the Terrorbyte and the laptop. Before you're able to steal the train, you have to collect the train key, which is not immediately accessible when you arrive at the mission's location.

In the guide below, you can see where to get the train key and how to escape with the train so you can finally finish up the Breaking and Entering mission in the Cluckin' Bell Farm Raid.

Finding the train key

After stealing the laptop and the hacking device from Terrorbyte, you have to go to the train yard. Here, you'll come across several cartel members all guarding different parts of the area. You can choose to take out the guards silently or with aggressive force. In any case, the train key is dropped by a single cartel guard after you've killed them.

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For me, that guard was sitting in the middle of the train yard near a small trailer and red shipping container. However, your mileage may vary depending on what approach you take with the guards. Whenever you do kill the guard with the train key, you'll see a green key icon appear on your map, indicating the key has been dropped. Go to the icon's location on your map and loot it off the ground.

Take out any remaining guards in the area and then head over to the blue train icon that's now appeared on the map.

Escaping with the train

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Once you're at the train, go around to the right side of it and climb up the small ladder near the cockpit. You might have to attempt a few jumps to get up the ladder. Once you've made the jump, turn right and head into the cockpit, where you need to press your interact button to start driving the train.

At this point, Vincent comes over the radio and mentions you need to keep the train moving at all times. To do this, make sure you continually press and hold the forward move button on your controller/keyboard. You'll also need to use your new hacking device to hack the train tracks at various points along the journey.

Start by moving the train forward and you'll soon come across a red circle zone on your mini-map. When you're in the zone, a prompt will appear on your screen that says to "use the hacking device." Press the button the prompt indicates and the tracks will switch so the train can continue moving forward. You need to repeat this process a few more times before the mission is over.

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Also along the route are cartel enemies that shoot at you in the cockpit and try to stop the train. As the driver of the train, you can still be shot and killed, but you can also use your sidearm to shoot back at the enemies. Simply keep shooting enemies while keeping your eyes on the mini-map to see when you need to hack another part of the track. You can also run over enemies and their vehicles rather easily if you need to.

Eventually, you'll go into a tunnel where the Breaking and Entering mission ends. Vincent calls you to congratulate you on your success and you'll respawn in a new area.

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