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GTA 5 Online: Earn Tons Of Money Just By Logging In Before August, And All The Latest Updates And Reward

There's also new RC trials to try out, new cars to earn, and more.


Grand Theft Auto V Online is serving up some major rewards as part of the Diamond Program this week, but you need to log in by August 21 to claim them.

The recently opened Diamond Casino and Resort in GTA V's online mode is offering up a slew of rewards as part of The Diamond Program, which could net you up to GTA$400,000 just for logging on if you've reached Diamond status. Even if you haven't, though, even Silver Status players - anyone with a Penthouse - will get a huge reward.

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Silver Status players who log in will be awarded GTA$250,000, without needing to do anything further. It's free money, so make sure you claim it. If you've earned Gold Status - which means completing the second Casino Story Mission for Mr Cheng, 'House Keeping' - you'll get a further GTA$50,000, as well as a new Royals Tattoo option. These rewards stack, by the way, so the higher you go, the more you'll get.

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Platinum status players - who have earned that rank by completing five Casino Work missions after reaching Gold Status - will get a further GTA$50,000, plus a Benny's Original Motor Works poster to stick up on the walls of their penthouse. And if you've made it all the way to Diamond status by both hitting Platinum and then completing all Casino Story missions, you'll get GTA$50,000 more, as well as an exclusive Red Diamond Tee to wear. If you've already met these prerequisites, you can nab all of this right away - just make sure you do it before August 21. All of these rewards will be granted by August 28 at the latest.

GTA V Online has also added a new car at Legendary Motorsport: the Progen Emerus. It's fast and sleek, and it's just one of many new toys and modes that has been added. RC Time Trials have also been added to the game, letting you race the RC Bandito as fast as you can. Right now the completion bonus on these missions has been doubled to GTA$200,000, so they're a good way to earn some cash.

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Rewards have also been douvled on the Arena War series until August 21, and the Lucky Wheel inside the casino currently offers up the Dinka Jester Classic car as a potential prize. The Casino Store has also been updated with a variety of items. On top of all of this, there's currently a 30% discount on a variety of items available across the game:

  • RC Bandito
  • Arena Workshops
  • Arena Workshop Add-Ons & Renovations
  • Arena HVY Scarab (all styles)
  • Arena Declasse Brutus (all styles)
  • Arena MTL Cerberus (all styles)
  • Arena Sasquatch (all styles)
  • Arena Annis ZR380 (all styles)
  • Arena Western Motorcycle Company Deathbike (all styles)
  • Arena Vehicle Weapons
  • Arena Vehicle Armor Plating
  • Arena Vehicle Vertical Jump
  • Arena Boosts
  • Arena Bodyworks (Blades, Spikes & Rollcages)

Again, make sure that you act quickly and log in before August 21 to get your hands on all of these benefits.

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