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GTA 5 AI Mod Removed At Take-Two's Request, Without Modder's Knowledge

"No one from Take-Two Interactive contacted and ask me anything prior to this, they just took down the video out of nowhere."


Bloc, the creator of a GTA AI mod that allows players to speak to NPCs, has seen their work shut down by Take-Two, the parent company of Grand Theft publisher Rockstar Games. Eurogamer was first to report on Bloc's mods being removed from several platforms, in addition to the video showcasing it on YouTube.

In a statement posted on YouTube, Bloc explained that the removals--which ranged from an installation guide on cloud-computing platform Netlify and the mod itself, hosted on NexusMods--were sudden and unanticipated.

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"Take-Two Interactive hit my channel with copyright strike about my video on GTA V mod and YouTube removed the video immediately without giving any chance to explain myself," wrote Bloc. "The reason for this takedown shown by Take-Two Interactive to YouTube was because I used their [Grand Theft Auto V] in the video. No one from Take-Two Interactive contacted and ask me anything prior to this, they just took down the video out of nowhere." Bloc also adds that a copyright strike on their channel "hinders my ability to monetize for the upcoming three months and remains as a mark on the channel."

Bloc further speculated that this takedown request was not an automated response but a deliberate action. The modder also questioned Take-Two's approach, highlighting the prevalence of YouTube videos featuring GTA 5 gameplay without facing similar issues. They emphasized that Sentient Streets was open-source, available for free download, and did not use copyrighted voices from the game.

Despite being open to discussing the matter with Take-Two, Bloc criticized the publisher's "non-communicative approach."

They expressed disappointment in the hostile stance taken against their mod and cited the challenges faced by individual creators in defending themselves against large corporations.

In a poignant statement, Bloc quoted Rockstar Games' stance on fan creativity: "Rockstar Games has always believed in reasonable fan creativity and wants creators to showcase their passion for our games." This sentiment, however, contrasts with the recent shutdown of Sentient Streets.

Neither Take-Two nor Rockstar have issued a comment.

Take-Two has recently hinted that late 2024 or early 2025 could be the release window for GTA 6.

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